During the //BUILD timeframe we pushed out A LOT of new features and artifacts – to the point that we didn’t yet manage to talk about even half of it!

Of all those, the ones that IMO yield the biggest bang for the buck are:

  • The Azure AD authentication scenarios overview topic on MSDN. Finally a comprehensive (but concise!) explanation of the various app types and solution topologies AAD enables.
  • The Azure AD code samples overview and associated repos on GitHub. Those samples show you in practice what AAD is meant to enable, providing you with easy code that can be used both as a starting point and as a way of understanding how AAD works. Examples of things you’ll find there include
    • Detailed samples showing how to secure ASP.NET apps with OpenID Connect and the new ASP.NET OWIN security components currently in preview
    • A variety of native client+API projects, including iOS, Android, .NET, Windows Store and Xamarin clients, demonstrating use of various ADAL flavors and the OWIN middleware for web API
    • Detailed examples showing how to implement multi-tenant web apps and native apps+web API solutions – AAD supports a new, very convenient route to consent and those samples demonstrate how to take advantage of that
    • Interesting topologies (on behalf of call types, server to server scenarios, etc)
    • A variety of Graph API samples, demonstrating multiple features (differential queries, etc) on various platforms (.NET, Java, PHP)

Of course, having the samples on GitHub makes it easy for us to maintain the code up to date and for you to access it. So, what are you waiting for? Read, clone & fork to your hearts’ content! Smile


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