It took some time, but the IRL version of A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control is finally out.

Whereas the 148 pages of the first edition were a groundbreaker, the 374 pages of the 2nd edition are the herald of an approach well into the mainstream. Just look at that the two side by side! Smile


Note, if physical books are not your thing you can always take advantage of the digital copy, freely available as PDF or as unbundled text in MSDN.

I will be always grateful to my friend Eugenio Pace for having included me in this project, and for the super-nice words he has for me in the acknowledgement section Smile

I have been handing copies of this 2nd edition at the last few events, inside and outside Microsoft, and I only heard good things about it. I’ll leave it to you to connect the dots… Winking smile


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