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Vittorio Bertocci is Principal Program Manager in the Windows Azure Active Directory team at Microsoft, where he looks after Developer Experience: WIF, the development aspects of ACS, and a lot of other things he can’t tell you about.

Vittorio joined the product team after years as a virtual member, as Principal Architect Evangelist, contributing to the inception and launch of Microsoft’s claims-based platform components (e.g. Windows Identity Foundation, ADFS 2.0). He owned SaaS & identity evangelism for the .NET developers community and drove initiatives such as the Identity Developer Training Kit, the FabrikamShipping SaaS reference demo, the IdElement show on Channel 9 and many samples, demos and utilities for identity development.

Vittorio holds a master degree in Computer Science, and began his career doing research on computational geometry and scientific visualization. In 2001 he Joined Microsoft Italy, where he immediately focused on the .NET platform and the nascent field of web services security , becoming a reference at the national and European level.

In 2005 Vittorio moved to Redmond, where he helped to launch the .NET Framework 3.5 by working with Fortune 100 and Global 100 companies on cutting-edge SOA projects based on WCF, WF and CardSpace. He became more and more focused on identity themes, until he took on the mission of evangelizing claims-based identity into mainstream use. After years of working with customers, partners and the community, he decided to contribute the experience he accumulated more directly to the engineering process and joined the identity product team.

In the last five years his duty brought him to speak about identity in 23 countries and 4 continents. Vittorio is a regular speaker at conferences such as BUILD, Microsoft PDC, TechEd USA, TechEd Europe, TechEd Australia, TechEd New Zealand, TechEd Japan, TechDays Belux, Gartner Summit, European Identity Conference, IDWorld, OreDev, NDC, IASA, Basta and many others.
Vittorio is a published author, both in the academic and industry worlds, and wrote many articles and papers. He wrote Programming Windows Identity Foundation (Microsoft Press, 2010), is co-author of A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control (Microsoft Press, 2010), and Understanding Windows Cardspace (Addison-Wesley, 2008). He is a prominent authority/blogger on identity, Windows Azure, .NET development, and related topics, and shares his thoughts at

Vittorio lives in the lush green Redmond with his wife Iwona. He doesn’t mind the grey skies too much, but every time he has half a chance he flies to some beach place, be it Hawaii or Camogli, his home town in Italy.


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  1. Hello Vittorio,
    I have been following CloudIdentity for a while and I congratulate you on your success.
    I am looking for a CTO. Since you are connected with so many people focused on cloud-based security I was wondering if you know anyone with extensive security experience, particularly in the field of identity and access management, that can join our company as our CTO. We are a fast growing company and our CTO will be responsible for all product roadmap, development and customer solutions. The work location can be either Southern or Northern California.

    Any introductions is greatly appreciated.


    Kevin Nikkhoo
    CloudAccess, Inc.

  2. vibro says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for your kind words!
    If I hear of anybpdy interested, I will gladly do the introductions.

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