In less than one week I have to check in for my flight to Orlando, where a huge amount of professionals is going to gather under one roof for one week to learn, network, have HR-approved fun- and none of my demos work yet! Confused smile


On Wednesday morning (10:25am) I am going to present a new session: Office Development: Authentication demystified. Office isn’t a track I normally speak for, but I liked the proposal so I readily accepted. I am trying to put together something pretty original, to try keeping you alive for 75 minutes without losing track of the pedagogical goals of the session… we’ll see, I guess: but I have to admit I am pretty excited!1

On Thursday morning (again, 10:25am) I am going to present an updated version of the session I gave at Build: The keys to the cloud: Use Microsoft identities to sign in and access API from your mobile+web apps. Same super long title, less cramped content- 75 minutes really should make it easier to do all the demos. There will be updates here and there, but the structure of the talk is the same: so if you already came to the Build instance, or there are conflicts with other sessions you want to catch in the same slot, you know what to do Smile

Let’s connect

I am going to be there from Sunday to Thursday, all day, everyday. If you want to chat, we should connect! You can get a hold on me in multiple ways, but the most Ignite-y way would be to download the app and find me among the attendees. Send me a message and we can go from there.

I will also hang out at the Azure AD/Identity booth at the expo whenever I’ll have a chance. Also, I am told that on Tuesday afternoon there will be an event where they might be giving away free copies of this guy… you didn’t hear it from me! Winking smile


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