I hope you guys are checking out the awesome AzureCon 2015 live feed on the c9 home page right now!

I had the honor and privilege of recording one of the virtual sessions that were made available today. This time I had an interesting challenge – I had only 30 mins to cover the ever growing development surface of Azure AD, while at the same time I heard that the preference was for “demo heavy” content. I couldn’t possibly go to any depth, so I decided to try something new. I kept the intro material to an absolute minimum, without going in detailed swimlane diagrams – I used most of the time for cramming in an unprecedented number of micro demos, to give you a sampling of how easy it is to take advantage of Azure AD from a wide range of platforms and application types. Here there’s the list:

  • Web apps
    • Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.NET MVC templates – on Windows 10
    • ADAL Ruby, Azure AD OmniAuth strategy – on an Ubuntu Linux VM
    • ADAL for Node JS, Azure AD Passport strategy – on a Mac
    • ADAL JS for Angular JS – on Windows 10
  • Mobile apps
    • Windows 10 WebAccountManager API – UWP on Windows 10
    • Windows 10 WebAccountManager API – UWP on Windows 10 Mobile
    • ADAL .NET 3.x, Xamarin app on Android – VS2015 Android emulator
    • ADAL .NET 3.x, Xamarin app on iOS – Xamarin Studio on a Mac
    • ADAL plugin for Cordova and iOS – Cordova CLI on a Mac

And of course, those are just a subset of the platforms we support Smile

Do check out the video, if you can deal with my accent and shiny forehead (not my fault, it was the lighting! ;)) you’ll get a good sense of how far we’ve come in just a couple of years – and you’ll get useful links for trying things yourself. Happy coding!


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