Next week a sizeable delegation of admin-centric (..biased?Winking smile) colleagues will descend to Houston, where during the annual TechEd they’ll deliver all sorts of training goodness in form of breakout sessions, beer-fueled whiteboarding at the Ask the Expert night, demos and chats at the both, and more.

I will take the responsibility to carry the Developer banner for the AD delegation – and albeit I am going to be in Houston a very short time, I intend to make the absolute most of it.
If you are interested in knowing more about how to take advantage of AD in your web and native apps, here there’s the three main moments in which I will try to make myself useful – in chronological order:

1. Ask the Expert night. I’ll arrive in Houston on the afternoon of the 13th. I’ll try to swing by the booth, but I am not sure if the times will align. I’ll do my best to show up at the ask the expert night, though I still don’t know at which table I am going to be… anyway, I am easily recognizable: if you see me passing by and you have a question or some feedback please don’t be shy, those interactions are the main reason for which I fly all the way there.

2. Breakout session. On Wednesday the 14th I am scheduled to present a session, as described below:

DEV-B344 Building Web Apps and Mobile Apps Using Microsoft Azure Active Directory for Identity Management

Time: Wednesday, May 14 1:30 PM – 2:45 PM

Room: 370A

Business applications on the web and on mobile devices need to be able to sign-in business users and navigate the organizational hierarchy. In this session, join us for a deep dive on how to build web apps, web APIs, and mobile apps on Windows, iOS, and Android that can use Azure Active Directory for identity management through OAuth, OpenID Connect, and the Graph API. Topics include single sign on, multi-factor authentication, and how to query and extend the directory. Both enterprise (single tenant) and Software as a Service (multi-tenant) scenarios are discussed.

Web apps, native apps+web API, graph and multitenancy would ALL deserve their very own sessions, hence I’ll have to do some merciless editing there. I’ll try to give you a feeling of what’s possible, and if you are interested in the details I am happy ro follow up afterwards.

3. Azure Booth. Right after my session on Wednesday, and Thursday most of the morning (unless on Wednesday you bring me to party too hard, but per experience I can tell you it never happens – I am getting old!), I will make myself available in the Azure booth. I will be happy to clarify any area you might want to drill in, walk through code you want to understand better, capture any feedback or suggestion you might have, share juicy anecdotes about working at Microsoft, and so on… let me stress this, interacting with you is the whole reason for which I am investing 3 days away from the products – and looking forward!

If you want me to do some homework on especially articulated questions, feel free to send them in advance here. I’ll be happy to look it up for you, so that once we meet I’ll have an answer! Smile

So… see you soon!


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