Final installment of the Azure Active Directory development series on Azure Fridays. The last two videos are all about web API and native clients – at recording time we didn’t have the ADAL 2.0 preview out yet, hence I used ADAL .NET, but pretty much everything we said applies to the Windows Store, iOS and Android flavors of ADAL too..

  • In the first video we examine the code in the VS 2013 templates for MVC apps that is used for accessing the Graph API. We explain how OAuth2 clients work in Windows Azure AD and we dig in the ADAL object model
  • In the 2nd video we create a new Web API, configure it to use the OWIN middleware for Windows Azure AD to secure access via OAuth2, and whip out a quick native client app that invokes it via ADAL
image image

Well, I had a great time recording those videos with Scott (who I once again thank for the opportunity). I hope you found those useful! If you have questions or you want to know more, and you happen to come by S. Francisco on April the 2nd, make sure to come by to have a chat Winking smile


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