We’ve been promising it for a while, and today it is finally reality Smile

Alex and Brandon announced from the AD team blog that we started in earnest the effort of open sourcing our developer libraries, with three very exciting projects:

  • The JWT Token Handler. One of the most heavily used components in our modern authentication topologies, the JWT handler gets a new version which carries some important fixes. You can find the new NuGet in the usual place, and all the samples have been updated accordingly; but the BIG news is that the code is now available in GitHub, for you to study and fork to your heart’s content Smile
  • But possibly even more exciting, today we are pulling the wraps from two other projects we’ve been working and that have been close to the top feature requests we’ve been getting from you guys – our versions of ADAL targeting iOS and Android!
    Aligned with the new approach, those projects are also open source and available on GitHub (iOS here, Android here).
    Important: those libraries are still in Alpha stage! You can’t use them in production and they’re not quite baked yet, but from now on you’ll be able to see them grow as our valiant developers Boris and Omer hammer out the last details  Smile

As the months will roll by, you’ll see more and more of our developer libraries become available in the same format. We look forward to your contributions!

Super important: nothing of this would have been possible without the efforts of our awesome developers (Brent Schmaltz, Boris Vidolov, Omer Cansizoglu) and the careful stewardship of Brandon Werner. Congrats! Smile


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