Hi guys, FYI.

Tomorrow at 8:00AM PST (pretty early, I know) Mike and Scott, the fine guys behind Windows Azure office hours, will have me as a guest to discuss all things identity. You can tune in (and pre-fill your questions) here.

With all the exciting things going on in this space (Windows Azure AD GA! New preview features!) there should be no shortage of topics.

Just to set expectations: I am happy to cover present and past and gather any feedback you want to share with me, but I am not going to be able to discuss future plans. To be concrete. If you think that something is broken, or there is a feature you’d really like to see in the products, by all means tell me everything about it and I assure you that your feedback will reach the right people: but don’t ask me what are the plans about it, I won’t be able to tell you at this time. Smile

Looking forward to chat with you!


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