patterns and practices Symposium 2013

Did you come over here for //BUILD? It was an absolute blast! They even let me out of my cage for few hours, just the time to present a session on the latest news we introduced in Windows Azure Active Directory and spend some quality time with you guys to gather your precious & always appreciated feedback.

Well, his coming January you have another great opportunity to come to observe the Microsoftees in their natural habitat: the pattern&practices Symposium 2013.

The agenda alone should be more than enough to whet your appetite for knowledge, but as you know by now attending an event in Redmond can be more than the sessions themselves. Given that the engineers are at no more than 20 mins of shuttle ride, it might happen that you as a question to a speaker and one hour later you are taking coffee with the guy who coded the feature you are asking about!

Tomorrow is the last day of early bird pricing, hence if the above sounds enticing to you do not hesitate 🙂 also, the p&p guys honored me with a slot on the first day of the conference: if you want to know more about what’s cooking in Windows Azure AD land, here’s your chance of cornering me and asking me anything… see you soon!


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