Howdy! Last week I had the pleasure of increasing my curliness by a 3x factor thanks to the moist Orlando weather, which I visited for delivering a session on what’s new with WIF in the .NET framework 4.5. I also took advantage of the occasion for having detailed conversations with many of you guys, which is always a fantastic balsam to counter the filter bubble that enshrouds me when I spend too long in Redmond. Thank you!

Giving the talk was great fun, and a source of great satisfaction. If you follow this blog since the first days, you know that I’ve been (literallyWinking smile) preaching this claims-based identity religion for many many years, and seeing how deep it is being wedged in the platform and how mainstream it became… well, it’s an incredible feeling.
I was also impressed by the turnover: despite it being awfully, awfully early in the morning (8:30am in Orlando time is 5:30am in Redmond time) you guys showed up on time, filled the room, gave me your attention (yes, I can see you even if they shoot a lot of MegaLumens straight in my face) and followed up with great questions. Thank you!!!

Well, as you already guessed from the title of the post, I am writing this because the recording of the talk is now up and available on channel9 for your viewing pleasure (if you can stomach my Italian-Genovese-English accent, that is). The deck is not up yet (as usual I turned it in AFTER the talk Winking smile) but should be shortly.

Here there’s a quick summary of the topics touched:

  • WIF1.0 vs. WIF in .NET 4.5
  • ClaimsIdentity’s role in the .NET classes hierarchy
  • Improvements in accessing claims
  • Class movements across namespaces
  • Config elements movements across sections
  • Web Farms and sessions
  • Win8 claims
  • Misc improvements
  • The new tools: design & capabilities
  • New samples
  • Using WIF to SSO from Windows Azure Active Directory to your own web applications

If that sounds like a tasty menu, dive right in! Also note, this morning we released the refresh of the WIF tools for Visual Studio 2012 RC hence you can experience firsthand all the things you’ll see in the video.

Alrighty. Next week I will show up for a short 2 days at TechEd EU in Amsterdam: if you are around and you want to have a chat, please come find me. As usual, have fun!


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  1. says:

    Hi Vittorio,

    Last year Microsoft released a CTP of SAML-P 2.0 support for WIF. Is it planned to be supported in WIF 4.5 ?

    Kind regards,


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