Oh boy, I am am really getting old. While I was compiling today’s yearly blog roundup I *knew* there was something missing, and then it came to me: somehow I forgot to blog about the article that the amazing Wade and I wrote about ACS back in December! In fact we wrote it much earlier, but December is the MSDN Magazine issue for which it came out.

The screenshots are a bit outdated, the portal got much prettier since then, however I think it retains its value as an introduction to ACS.

If somebody asks you what is ACS, just point them to the article; they’ll get the basis, and the subsequent conversations will be much easier.
It works, garantito al limone: I’ve been successfully using this technique with colleagues & customers since December Winking smile

Bonus: ACSは日本語で利用についてのエッセイ随笔ACS的中文版本!Available in other languages in general, if you can figure out the “secret” URI structure of the MSDN magazine… have fun!


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