Barely one month after the start of the ACS renaissance, here there’s a new update for you.


The September release brings a number of enhancements here and there, all the way from the small-but-useful to the Big Deal.  Here’s a brief list:

  • Miscellaneous portal enhancements. For example, now you can upload the federation metadata documents of the WS-Federation IPs you want to federate with: in the first release of the portal you had to expose the metadata docs on one internet-addressable endpoint (though it was possible to use the management APIs to obtain the same result)
  • More documentation, more samples. Some capabilities already present in the August release weren’t too discoverable, such as for example the WS-Trust endpoints. The next release addresses this, although there are still tons of functionalities just waiting to be discovered
  • X.509 certs as credential type for the WS-Trust endpoint
  • OAuth2! Web server and autonomous (nee assertion) profiles, Draft 10 to be exact. That’s a veeery interesting arena. There’s a lot of work going on around there, and the new feature in ACS could not be have been more timely. Stay tuned…
  • …and many others

You can read everything about it at the ACS home on Codeplex, in the announcement post and on Justin’s blog.

Rrrrock on!


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