With all the commotion for the book, blogging about this just fell through the cracks.

Every week Ryan and Steve host a great show on all things Windows Azure (& platform). For this week’s episode I had the honor & privilege to eat up most of the time, filling up a whiteboard of the usual Sans-Frontières claims-based identity in the cloud, WIF and an added flare in positioning in the picture the capabilities of the latest LAB release of ACS. I really had a good time, in fact I had to make sure to remember I was in front of the camera and keep my humor under control… after few years as teammates Ryan has this effect on me 🙂

As it is tradition on the show, the guys added some fun moments here and there. If you want to laugh pretty hard make sure you watch until the tip of the week… it turns out I earned a new nickname, much nicer than the ones I am used to 😉


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