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I’ve closed the last of the WIF Workshops barely 5 hours ago, the larynx still slowly recovering from the overuse & abuse I’ve made of it in the last 2 days… but claims based identity never stops, and the calendar already reminds me that Sunday I’ve got to get up real early to catch a plane for New Orleans.
And what happens in new Orleans next week? Well, no no, not that, we can’t talk about that here… I meant the other thing: tech.ed US!!!

This year WIF is covered in two sessions, delivered by yours truly. Lo and behold, the people contoured shots on fucsia background (including one in pure Roberto Benigni style) of the main theme are not the only new thing in tech.ed US: in an uncharacteristically RESTful move from the event portal, I can point you to my sessions by URI! The resource representation you can get includes title, level, track, type, abstract & speaker but not time and room of the session: I’ll add them here for your convenience. One step at a time my friends, one step at a time… 😉

SIA304 | Identity and Access Management: Windows Identity Foundation Overview

Wednesday, June 9  |  11:45 AM – 1:00 PM  |  Auditorium C

Level: 300 – Advanced

Hear how Windows Identity Foundation makes advanced identity capabilities and open standards first class citizens in the Microsoft .NET Framework. Learn how the Claims-Based access model integrates seamlessly with the traditional .NET identity object model while also giving developers complete control over every aspect of authentication, authorization, and identity-driven application behavior. See examples of the point and click tooling with tight Microsoft Visual Studio integration, advanced STS capabilities, and much more that Windows Identity Foundation consistently provides across on-premise, service-based, Microsoft ASP.NET and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications.

SIA304 is the classic intro for practicing developers to clams based identity and Windows Identity Foundation. After years that I introduce the topic it feels a bit weird to keep doing it, but so far I’ve always been surprised by how much intros are still needed. We’ll see if the trend will continue for this session as well, or if we will receive signal that we can start drilling deeper on the topic and the tool.

If you never head about claims based identity/WIF, or if you used only specific aspects of WIF and you want to see a bigger picture, I’d daresay that you could benefit from this session. OTOH if you already know about WIF, chances are that the session won’t be news for you. Unless you really like the Italian accent or presenters with the fallen rockstar look, you can probably aim directly to lunch. (which, perhaps surprisingly, on Wednesday will be from 11:00am to 1:30pm.)


SIA303 | Identity and Access Management: Windows Identity Foundation and Windows Azure

Wednesday, June 9  |  3:15 PM – 4:30 PM  |  Rm 295

Level: 300 – Advanced

Claims-based identity provides an open and interoperable approach to identity and access control that can be consistently applied both on-premises and in the cloud. Come to this session to learn about how Windows Identity Foundation can be used to secure your Web Roles hosted in Windows Azure, how you can take advantage of existing on-premises identities and how to make the best of features in our cloud offering, such as certificate management and staged environments.

Ah, SIA303 is a different matter. This breakout is partly based on the homonymous session I gave during the 2nd day of the WIF Workshops, and I’ll have you know it can be pretty tough. Want to know why? Simple. Claims based identity applies equally well on-prem and in the cloud: in order to find differences between the two I have to dig pretty deep, all the way to things like managing sessions in NLB environments, dealing with multiple URIs for the same app deployed in devfabric/staging/production, handling certificates, using tracing without a file system… see what I mean?

You’ll get the most from this session if you already have experience with Windows Identity Foundation or Windows Azure (preferably both). The good news is that so far the feedback has been consistently good: although the topic can be tough at times, I’m told that the info here are not easily available anywhere else. That sounds like a good thing, does it 🙂

 Monday and Tuesday mornings I will hang around the Identity booth, blue shirt, “professional shoes” and everything; if you want to chat feel free to swing by, or to grab me if you see me around.


Last time I went to New Orleans it was back in the summer of 2003. I remember the fractal boundaries of the swamps as the plane was landing, the hot & humid air permeating everything, the appalling thermal gradient when stepping indoor, the impossibly big conference center, and various other things I wont bore you with. I loved it! I’ve always wondered if Katrina changed the places I was used to hang around at. New Orleans is a fantastic venue for technical conferences, I am only glad to have a chance to go back there and experience firsthand that the city is back on its feet and ready for business. See you there!


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