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Administrators around the globe, rejoice: Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 has been released!

On the IdElement you can find the customary special on the event:


Active Directory Federation Services v2 Ships!


Today we are announcing the general availability of Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 (ADFS 2.0).
In this lightning-fast video, Stuart Kwan, Group Program Manager for the Identity and Security Division, lists the essential facts about this new, exciting release.
Tune in!

How ADFS v2 Helps Microsoft IT to Manage Application Access


ADFS 2.0 is being released today, but there is a group that has been using it for almost two years: Microsoft’s IT department, which dogfooded ADFS 2.0 from the very first pre-release.

Brian Puhl, Principal System Architect, and Femi Aladesulu, Service Engineer, share their vast experience in using ADFS 2.0, which they earned handling access to the Microsoft IT application portfolio on premises and in the cloud.
From the topology of Microsoft’s internal ADFS 2.0 deployment to the description of how day-to-day operations (such as a new application’s onboarding) are handled, Brian and Femi will take you on a whirlwind tour. Today, Microsoft IT is able to offer identity as a reliable, self-provisioned service. Tune in to get tips that will help you to achieve the same results!


ADFS v2: Tales from the Test Team


How do you test a world-class product like ADFS 2.0? Performance, stress testing, security, and the classic aspects of server testing need to be compounded with all supported topologies and platforms, as well as the 18 languages in which the product is available.
Summarizing in 30 minutes what happened during the many man-years that went into the product is not easy. In this video, ADFS team members Ramiro Calderon and Toland Hon share some of the project’s most interesting challenges and discuss how they prevailed upon them while taking ADFS 2.0 from inception to release.

Congratulations to the team for a superb job.

From now on enabling claims-based identity on your environments is as easy as switching on a server role… it will change everything 🙂


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